Collaboration that raises children's and young people's questions about sustainable development

How do you create a platform where children and young people's issues are taken seriously in the work for sustainable development? This is the basic question that the Ung SciShop project investigates together with primary school classes in Storkriket and researchers at Lund University.

During 2021-2024, the Ung SciShop project is testing its way to develop a method that can combine creative work with different learning techniques at primary school level and researchers and students at university level.

Ung SciShop is an exciting development project that involves committed and knowledgeable people from different ages, fields of activity and parts of the world.

Ung SciShop - an ARNA project 

ARNA, Art and Nature, is a non-profit association that works through the cultural dimension of sustainability. The goal of our projects is to be pathfinders in societal development and contribute to innovation in support of a sustainable future. Children and young people are one of ARNA's main target groups, and the Ung SciShop project is therefore particularly close to our hearts. From ARNA, Ung SciShop is led by Kerstin Jakobsson and Jasmine Cederqvist.

Jasmine Cederqvist 

Developer of the art- and nature method for Ung SciShop

Jasmine is a multidisciplinary artist
and a traveler between artistic and scientific modes of the world. Her  MSci in biology at Lund University and experiences from many years of educational activities form the basis of the Ung SciShop model.

Kerstin Jakobsson

Project manager for Ung SciShop 

Kerstin is operations manager for ARNA and has an MFA in textile art from HDK at the University of Gothenburg. She contributes to the development of Ung SciShop with her experiences from a long career as a visionary producer and project manager in the cultural field.

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Watch Jasmine Cederqvist talk about how creative work outdoors is used in Ung SciShop as a tool to connects head, heart and hand to process theoretical knowledge about nature and sustainable development.

Ett varm tack från ARNA till alla samarbetspartners, ungdomar, pedagoger och organisationer som bidrar

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