Collaboration that raises children's and young people's questions about sustainable development

How do you create a platform where children and young people's issues are taken seriously in the work for sustainable development? That was the starting question that the Ung SciShop project investigated together with primary school classes in Storkriket and researchers at Lund University.

With support from the Allmänna arvsfonden, Ung SciShop has developed a model that combine creative work with various learning techniques at primary school level in meetings with researchers and students at university level.

By involving various organizational forms, Ung SciShop has also bridged the gap in societal development. ARNA is a non-profit association, LUCSUS and its master's program LUMES are part of Lund University, and the municipalities of Sjöbo, Lund and Eslöv were represented both by biosphere candidacy Storkriket and the school- and family administrations. The project has involved many committed and knowledgeable people of different ages, working areas and parts of the world. A warm thank you to all students and teachers in Storkriket who participated, and an extra thank you to Paula Brante, youth culture developer in the municipality of Sjöbo!

Ett varm tack från ARNA till alla samarbetspartners, ungdomar, pedagoger och organisationer som bidrar

med sina olika kompetenser till att utveckla Ung SciShop och till Allmänna arvsfonden för projektstödet!