Collaborations and results 2021-22

Every school year, Ung SciShop collaborates with LUCSUS, which is a center within Lund University for research and education on sustainable development, and with primary school classes in the future UNESCO biosphere reserve Storkriket in Skåne. In the first year of operation, Ung SciShop worked together with two classes and their NO teachers at the middle school in Sjöbo municipality and in Lund municipality, at Storkskolan in Blentarp and Svaleboskolan in Veberöd. The questions that the children raised in Ung SciShop inspired university students at LUCES Master's program LUMES to develop the card game "Finns i Vombsjön".

Storkskolan Åk 4

In Sjöbo municipality, children in Blentarp were curious about the cycles in nature and thought about how they could deepen their work by formulating questions.

Svaleboskolan Åk 6

In the municipality of Lund, children in Veberöd explored connections in nature to develop questions for Lund University.
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Questions and proposals for solutions for climate change and in sustainable development that middle school children brought forward in conversations with researchers from LUCSUS at Lund University in autumn 2021.

GO FISH IN VOMBSJÖN - a project work by master's students at the LUMES program

The card game "Finns I Vombsjön" was developed within the course "Knowledge to Action" (K2A) by students from the master's program in environmental studies and sustainability science (LUMES) at Lund University. The game is an educational tool for children that teaches about the various sustainability issues around Lake Vombsjön in Skåne, what problems exist, what causes them and how a family can contribute to reducing the problems.
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