Factual and inspirational material in Ung SciShop's library

During the project we will collect experiences, reference material and inspiration with a focus on Unesco biosphere areas, work through the cultural dimension for sustainability and citizen platforms for sustainable development.


Humus economicus: on soil blindness and the value of soil in urbanized areas landscape.

Where: Sweden

Soil is in many cases a blind spot and something that is easily taken for granted. It lies quietly under our feet. This anonymous environment has also more poetically called the thin skin of the globe, a thin layer
which constitute an unknown universe of teeming life performing a unceasing climate work. It is this work, done by the soils of the forests, fields and wetlands, we need to get keep an eye out for.

Kulturos Dirbtuve (KD)

Where: Lithuania

The Kulturos Dirbtuve (KD) team is united by the MISSION to reveal and empower the biocultural uniqueness of places by stimulating people’s curiosity and inspiring them to take action for the thriving of the living systems in urbanised territories.

Sitka Center

Where: Oregon, US

Sitka's Workshop Program, May through September, provides people of all levels the transformative and joyful experience of making art and exploring their connections to nature.

Vetenskapliga artiklar (in Swedish)

Biodiverse är tidningen för dig som är intresserad av kunskap och forskning om biologisk mångfald, miljö och naturvård. Genom Biodiverse gör vi kunskap tillgänglig för alla. 

Newspaper articles (in Swedish)

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