Ung SciShop - collaboration that raises children and young people's questions about sustainable development

How do you create a platform where children and young people's issues around sustainable development are taken seriously? That is the basic question which the Ung SciShop project investigates together with primary school classes in Storkriket.

During three operating years, 2021-2024, the Ung SciShop project is testing its way to develop 
a method that can combine creative work with different learning techniques at primary school level and researchers and students at university level in collaboration with LUCSUS at Lund university.

The parts of the work together with primary school classes

The basis for Ung SciShop is that knowledge and creativity solve challenges and Land Art is a way to get a hands on understanding of issues.
The first operating year Ung SciShop worked together with middle school classes  and then continued in elementary school and finishes at junior high school.

Collaboration with primary schools

Each operating year is based on a theme that is adapted to the current curriculum. The practical work is developed together with the teachers involved and to the special needs found in individual classes. The feedback from the classes and their teachers shapes the next year's work.

Land Art during a day out in nature

Land Art is an art form where you create temporary art with natural materials. By using all the senses out in nature, curiosity about the connections in nature is stimulated and anchoring points are created for fact-based knowledge that stays in the memory for a long time.

Collaboration with LUCSUS

LUCSUS is an interdisciplinary center for research, education and collaboration at Lund University that works to understand and explain complex and urgent sustainability challenges.
LUCSUS at Lund university
Masterprogramme LUMES

The development work in primary schools

Classes in Years 1 - 3 worked with the water cycle and water in the future from both local and global perspectives. The feedback from LUCSUS at Lund University became a short film about the water in our taps in different countries.

Classes in Years 4 and 6 explored their local area and chose details to delve into. University students at LUCES Master's program LUMES saw the need for comprehensive material and developed the card game "Finns i Vombsjön".

Year 7 will work in the fall of 2023 with a theme about disruptions in societal functions during droughts or floods.