Grade 2 in Vollsjö

The class chose to work with a global perspective on water and above all the lack of water. Creating rain dances and Land art provided working methods to discuss and reflect on difficult issues such as drought, water shortages, climate change and a sustainable future. With the help of visualizing the water cycle through Land art, it was discussed how water is connected globally and why there is drought in some places and a lot of rain in others.

Rain dances

With the Rain dance, the students practiced many skills such as movement, dance, rhythm, group interaction, creativity but also empathy and understanding of other groups' life situations. Movements together with moments of knowledge promote the formation of a so-called body memory where knowledge is long-term linked to sensory experiences and experience.

Barcue boats are sent to the future

The class portrayed the water cycle through Land art where they "painted" with natural materials from the site the order in which the water circulates, from the sea to the clouds and back to the sea again. The work is also a great opportunity to talk about Allemansrätten - the right of publik access in Sweden. In connection with the conclusion, the children launched bark boats in Vollsjöån, a kind of bottle post, with the students' hopes for the future.