Three building blocks in the work together with primary school classes

A natural science theme was chosen before each autumn semester started, which was then developed individually together with each class in the four steps: Basic knowledge, Creative outdoor day, Local meets global and Experience dissemination. You can see how the theme work was developed in the various examples on this web page. You can also read about it in the Ung SciShop brochure.

The development work in primary schools

Classes in Years 1 - 3 worked with the water cycle and water in the future from both local and global perspectives. The feedback from LUCSUS at Lund University became a short film about the water in our taps in different countries.

Classes in Years 4 and 6 explored their local area and chose details to delve into. University students at LUCES Master's program LUMES saw the need for comprehensive material and developed the card game "Finns i Vombsjön".

Year 7 will work in the fall of 2023 with a theme about disruptions in societal functions during droughts or floods.