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The key to transformation for a sustainable future is to involve the whole person, a triad consisting of intellect, emotions and action, or more simply put; head-heart-hand.

The Ung SciShop project was developed by the association ARNA (Art and Nature) in collaboration with LUCSUS (Lund University Center for Sustainability Studies) and biosphere candidature Storkriket during 2021 - 2024. The goal was to form a model that awakens children and young people's curiosity about the connections in nature and increases knowledge about research such as the ability to ask questions to influence the future with the aim of strengthening the role of children and young people in a democratic social development.
Together with children and young people at primary school level, Ung SciShop has developed a model that uses Land Art to connect the triad of head-heart-hand into a whole and which is completely in line with the recommendations in the EU's framework for sustainability competence, GreenComp. Read more about this in the Ung SciShop brochure.

In 2025, Unesco can designate Storkriket as a biosphere reserve. 
Our vision is that the appointment will be the starting point for a youth-oriented platform in the biosphere that support sustainability competence through the Ung SciShop model and that continues to develop innovatively in collaboration with Lund University.

Activities 2024

Workshop for ERiCi

The Ung SciShop model was presented in a workshop for the collaboration initiative ERiCi at Lund University on 17 May 2024. 

Within the collaboration initiative EriCi at Lund's university is looking for researchers from several faculties together with other social actors for answers on how it can be prevented work-related and existential stress in occupations close to people for example in healthcare, social care, school and higher education as well as in society at large.



Activities during Sustainability week in Lund 2024

Ung SciShop took part in the Sustainability Week in Lund the 9th of April. It was a great day with curious adults and many engaged children. 

ARNA gave a public workshop called "Share your care for nature".

A summary from Ung SciShop's presentation in biosphere candidacy Storkriket's seminar on how culture can support a sustainable development in society. Participating in the film are: Sara Brogaard from LUCSUS at Lund University, Jasmine Cederqvist from the Ung SciShop project and Anna-Karin Poussart from biosphere candidature Storkriket.

"Share your care for nature" on the newspaper Sydsvenska dagbladets front page the 10th April.

More about Ung SciShop 
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Ung SciShop is developed with financial support from Allmänna arvsfonden