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The key to sustainable change is to involve the whole person, a triad consisting of intellect, emotion and action, or more simply described; head-heart-hand.

The Ung SciShop project tests together with children and young people at primary school level how land-art can connect the triad of head-heart-hand into a whole. The goal is to form a model that awakens children and young people's curiosity about the connections in nature and increases knowledge about research such as the ability to ask questions to influence the future. The aim is to contribute to UNESCO's vision of strengthening the role of children and young people in a democratic social development.

Ung SciShop is developed by the association ARNA (Art and Nature) in collaboration with LUCSUS (Lund University Center for Sustainability Studies) and biosphere candidature Storkriket during 2021 - 2024.


Share your care for nature

Art workshop during Sustainability Week in Lund

When: Tuesday 9 April at 12:30 - 15:00
Location: Outside Stadshallen on Stortorget in Lund

Welcome to participate in an art workshop led by the artist and biologist Jasmine Cederqvist. Together we create a work that embodies the desire for healing and a sustainable future through the symbolic act of bandaging some of the 156 brutally cut down trees in the Knowledge Park.

You can participate for a short time or for the entire workshop. It is free of charge and anyone can participate. Children participate in the company of an adult.

The event at facebook (scroll for text in English)

In connection with the art workshop, biosphere candidacy Storkriket is organizing a seminar on how culture and site development contribute to sustainability in society. The seminar will be held in the adjacent Stadshallen from 10 am to 12 noon on April 9.

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Ung SciShop is developed with financial support from Allmänna arvsfonden