Ung SciShop in Vombsjösänkan

The ARNA-project Ung SciShop puts children and young people's questions about sustainable development in focus and creates an exchange between primary school students in Vombsjösänkan and researchers at Lund University. The project is developed during 2021-2024 when Vombsjösänkan candidates to become a UNESCO biosphere. The goal is to develop a new kind of citizen platform for young people in a biosphere reserve, to contribute to increased knowledge about what research entails and about sustainable development.

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See Young SciShop presented in a short film.

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Ung SciShop starts 2021 together with two middle school classes in Vombsjösänkan and researchers and students who work with sustainability issues at Lund University.

Storkskolan Åk 4

In Sjöbo municipality, children in Blentarp were curious about the cycles in nature and thought about how they could deepen their work by formulating questions.

Svaleboskolan Åk 6

In Lund municipality, children in Veberöd explored connections in nature to develop questions to ask to researchers at Lund University.

LUCSUS is a center within Lund University for research and education in the field of sustainable development.

LUMES is the Master's Program in Environmental and Sustainability Science at LUCSUS

Ung SciShop is developed with financial support from Allmänna arvsfonden