About Ung SciShop

A science shop is a citizen platform where independent research helps the public solve problems or get answers to questions concerning them and their surroundings. In the project Ung SciShop we develop an exchange of

questions and feedback between primary school classes in Vombsjösänkan and researchers and students at Lund University Center for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS).

During the project school classes meet a nature pedagogue/artist, both in the classroom and during outdoor activities. Creative work in nature is an important part of Ung SciShop, to make the connections in nature comprehensible for the children and as part of the work to evoke curiosity and raise questions around a sustainable future. The participating classes also have an exchange across municipal boundaries around which issues have piqued their interest. The autumn work ends with the classes meeting for to jointly discussions and to hand over questions to sustainability researchers and students at Lund University.

During the project, students receive feedback on their questions from university students and researchers. The long-term goal is a flow of exchanges between schools in Vombsjösänkan and Lund University, that these experiences are grounded to the development of the biosphere reserve Vombsjösänkan and that they contribute to sustainable development on equal terms with adults.

"Given all the challenges in sustainable development that we adults handing over to the young, it is incredibly important that we give them tools to develop their innovation capacity and a confidence that they can influence the development of society. ”

Kerstin Jakobsson, project magager for Ung SciShop

It will be very exciting to see how we can pick up and develop the children's thoughts about our sustainability challenges through the meeting between children and students. Doing this in the local environment in Vombsjösänkan, and at the same time connecting to the global issues is an exciting challenge for everyone in the project”

Sara Brogaard, researcher at Lund University Centre for Sustainable Studies (LUCSUS)

Arvsfonden help finance good ideas for developing methods and activities together with children. UngSciShop is an excellent
example of  a project where children and young people's curiosity and driving force is in focus.”

Lite-Lotte Norén, project administrator, Allmänna arvsfonden

See Jasmine Cederqvist tell more about how creative work outdoors is used in Ung SciShop as a tool for school children to explore nature by  connecting head, heart a hand.

A warm thank you from ARNA to all partners, young people, educators, students and organizations that contribute

with their different skills to develop Ung SciShop and to Allmänna arvsfonden for their financial support!